Jingle Jared Masterclass

Image of Jared Gutstadt playing guitar.

Jingle Jared Masterclass #1

This workshop will take the idea of music, content creation, storytelling, interactivity and gaming to a whole new level by bringing students into a multimedia project with real world impact. Jingle Jared is known for bringing innovation to the world of brand storytelling. By the end of this masterclass, we will walk away with several prototypes of how the walkthrough would look, sound and feel to the visitor. In success, this could be a product which is taken to market in collaboration with the students of Tisch School of the Arts, Gaming, Music and Interactive Telecommunications Program.


Jared Gutstadt is a Canadian-born entrepreneur, musician, inventor, and holder of multiple patents best known for founding the creative music agency Jingle Punks. Gutstadt also produces music under the moniker "Jingle Jared." Gutstadt is an alumni of NYU ITP. Jingle Punks has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Wired, Variety and was named "one of America's most promising start ups" by Bloomberg Businessweek.

ITP/IMA, Clive Davis, and Game Center students are all welcome to attend! Please RSVP here.