ITP40: Anniversary and Housewarming Party!

ITP 40th Anniversary and Housewarming Party October 12th 2019

For 40 years, the alumni of ITP have done as much to shape the introduction of interactive media into our society than perhaps any other single group in the world. And during that time those interactive technologies have completely changed the way our society creates culture and does business. At ITP we still use Red’s approach. We put people with different backgrounds, perspectives, methods, and goals next to each other where they can collaborate to develop ideas that they did not already have. The influence of interactive technologies in our society is becoming more prevalent and profound, and ITP’s influence is growing as new programs and facilities are coming online. 

In August of 2019 we shut the lights off in our location at 721 Broadway, having outgrown the space, and moved into a much bigger 4th floor in Brooklyn. So please join us for the 40th Anniversary Party, Welcome Party, and fundraiser!

Tickets are required.

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