NIME Showcase 2018

Colorful image that says NIME Show

The 18th annual ITP NIME show presents novel musical instruments that go beyond traditional sounds and interfaces. Each performer will play a newly designed electronic instrument that aims to breathe new life into the live performance of digital music.

21+ to enter (ID required)
Free admission

Sandy Hsieh
Oren Shoham
Camilla Padgitt-Coles
Yiyao Nie
Dan Oved
Max Horwich
April Liu
Lu Wang
Anthony Bui
Jesse Simpson
Huiyi Chen
Effy Yue Fan
Erin Cooney
Carrie Wang
Chengchao Zhu
Yang Yang

Hosted by: Greg Shakar, Wenqi Li, Ari Melenciano and Hayeon Hwang

ITP NIME is a graduate course at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program wherein each student creates a novel musical instrument, composes a piece of music for it, and performs at the ITP NIME show.

Artwork by Ari Melenciano