ITP Community Day: Sustainability and Materials for the Arts

Someone playing twister on a cardboard covered iPad

Sustainability and Materials for the Arts at Tisch

With ITP Residents, Jasmine Soltani and Regina Cantu

Join us for a discussion and strategizing session so that groups, departments, and individuals can leave with a jumping off point for a more critical engagement of the materials in their work.

Current research residents will give a brief overview of projects and initiatives that have been or are currently being developed at ITP related to sustainability, recycling, and modular/circular approaches to material usage in design and the arts. Some of the questions that will be discussed are: What are other ways ITP and other departments incorporate the ethics of environmentalism in their practice? For example, using recycled materials in the early stages of prototyping? How is sustainability approached in design and in the arts? What are the tensions and opportunities when it comes to material usage? How can departments collaborate in reducing the waste footprint within our fields?