Recording Artist Ryan Leslie Speaks to Fandom Class

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Due to space limitations, this event is limited to ITP and Clive Davis REMU students only.

This Wednesday night at 8:00 PM, recording artist and Grammy Award nominee Ryan Leslie will be at ITP speaking about his experiences with tech entrepreneurship in the music industry.  He will be in the Fandom class, 4th floor of the Tisch building, room 15 (across from the Conference room) for an informal discussion about his relationship with his fans, his music, and his new fan-interaction platform SuperPhone. Anyone who is interested in music entrepreneurship, fan-centric technology, or who is just a Ryan Leslie fan is invited to attend.

Ryan Leslie is an American recording artist and record producer, and Grammy Award nominee. He has produced singles for a wide variety of prominent artists, R&B and hip hop to pop and gospel. He's also a singer, songwriter, rapper, and has two large-scale entrepreneurial ventures - the tech companies SuperPhone which directly connects fans and brands, and the music media company NextSelection Lifestyle Group.

This is part of an ITP class called Fandom taught by Zoe Fraade-Blanar.