Fall 2023 Non-Major Registration

ITP (Graduate) Fa23 Non-Major Registration Information:
All Fa23 ITPG-GT sections open for self-registration in Albert, no permission required, according to the below schedule:

- On 04/24/2023, continuing ITP students may self-enroll.
- On 06/12/2023, incoming ITP students may self-enroll.
- On 06/20/2023, all NYU academic plan codes may self-enroll, excluding Freshman and Sophomore undergraduate students, who are not permitted to take ITP coursework.

Please note: ITPG-GT 2098 - Thesis Part 1, and ITPG-GT 2100 - Internship are not open to non-ITP students.

Please note: ITP Tier I Foundation Courses (ITPG-GT 2000 - Applications, ITPG-GT 2005 - CL: Visual Language, ITPG-GT 2048 - ICM: Media, ITPG-GT 2233 - ICM, ITPG-GT 2004 - CL: Hypercinema, ITPG-GT 2301 - Intro to Phys. Comp.) are not available for non-major registration. These are mandatory courses for incoming ITP registration only.

ITP / IMA NY Media Fee Disclaimer:
Please be advised, ITP / IMA NY courses are assigned a $279.00 Media Fee, which applies to ITP / IMA NY students as well as non-departmental students. For non-departmental students, the fee is charged for registration in one (or more) ITP or IMA NY courses, but not a combination of both. For departmental students, the fee is charged regardless of registration in departmental courses. This fee grants students Equipment Room check-out privileges, as well as access to the physical computing shop and machines in our departmental space in 370 Jay / 4th floor. The Media Fee is non-refundable.
ITP Pass/Fail Disclaimer:
Please be advised, ITP courses are graded pass/fail. It is your responsibility as a non-ITP student to check with your home program to be sure a pass/fail ITP course may be credited toward your degree requirements.