UGFTV Alum, Vincent Salvano, finished work on TOY STORY 4

Tuesday, Jun 25, 2019

Vincent Salvano
Vincent Salvano

VINCENT SALVANO, our most recent NYU UGFTV Kanbar Animation graduate to join Pixar, just finished working as a production assistant on TOY STORY 4.   

In addition, he was actually in the film!  

Yes!  In the faux commercial insert for "Meet Duke Caboom" (voiced by Keanu Reeves) two brief scenes of a boy playing with an action toy (starting at  0:05), "There may or may not be a character in this movie that may or may not be based on some of my likeness," says Vincent in his May 2 Facebook post.

See clip below.

Another name can now be added to the exclusive list of real people who became caricatured versions of themselves in animated films, e.g., Ward Kimball in The Nifty Nineties;  Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston in The Iron Giant and The Incredibles; and John Culhane in The Rescuers.

Congratulations, Vincent!