Spotlight on Alum: Cheyenne Cohen

Friday, Jan 19, 2018

Cheyenne Cohen (2016)
Cheyenne Cohen (2016)

Alum Cheyenne Cohen (2016) came to Tisch Film & TV for film and rediscoved her passion for the still image. Now she's a busy food and tabletop photographer living in Brooklyn. Here is a great interview with her on UpByFive. Congrats to Cheyenne!



A red, juicy apple. A perfectly plated blackberry pie covered with whipped cream. The fluffiest-looking stack of pancakes drowning in berries and sprinkled lightly with powdered sugar – welcome to my favorite Instagram account, created by our interviewee, Cheyenne Cohen.


When I first met Cohen, she was the editor-in-chief of our high school yearbook. Even then, she had a talent for capturing unique moments. Today, Cohen has taken her art to the biggest place in the word, New York City, and has launched her career as a freelance food and tabletop photographer. As if that wasn’t enough, in her spare time, Cohen is active in the NYC art scene and is working on her passion project – photographing abandoned buildings throughout the city.


All of Cohen’s work is attention grabbing and emotion provoking. While her work with abandoned buildings is beautiful and haunting, her work with food is creative, colorful, and downright fun – especially if you’re hungry.


Interview as told to and edited by Maggie Tarasovitch.

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