The Screenwriting Awards: Three $10,000 Awards
Submissions for the Screenwriting Awards must be for feature-length films or TV pilots

The Production Grants: One $30,000 Grants
Submissions for the Production Grant must be for short films made within the Tisch curriculum.

Screenwriting Grant Applicants will also be eligible for the $20,000 Sloan Grand Jury Prize, which includes a year of industry mentorship commissioned by the Tribeca Film Institute, valuable industry contacts, and the chance to move their screenplay toward production.

Selection Process
All applicants are required to meet with a science advisor for consultation on their script. To request a science advisor, please fill out the Application for Science Advisor. Specify the area of science in your script and include a brief synopsis. Requests for science advisor are due by December 9, 2022.

Once the science advisor has approved the script, applicants submit a digital copy of their script, a synopsis of their project, and the application. Applicants for the Production Grant are also required to submit a budget.

A rotating panel of Tisch faculty from the Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing and the Kanbar Institute of Film and Television, as well as scientists from the NYU Faculty of Arts and Science and the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences selects the recipients of the grant.

Applicants for the Writing Award for a TV Pilot must submit the pilot episode plus a story bible with character, world, theme, tone and the story arc of the first season.

More information on the Sloan TV Story Bible Format

For more info contact: Dara Feivelson at dara.feivelson@nyu.edu or 212-998-1762