Sloan TV Story Bible Format

The story bible should be around 3 pages. It may be shorter or longer, but aim for three pages.The purpose of the bible is to make clear that the pilot has adequately set up the series and that there are more stories to be told.

Page One

Paragraph on the series concept, including how your perspective on it is unique. Paragraph on the main character, explaining how their dysfunctions, wants, needs, and fears are challenged by the series’ arena. Short entries on two to three supporting cast describing how their personalities will lead to stories with the main character.

Page Two

Synopsis of pilot showcasing it has a clear dramatic and/or comedic arc, sets up the show, and is well structured.

Page Three

Eight to twelve sample episodes. Keep them brief - a few sentences – with a clear dynamic set-up and an interesting climax.

Optional: If you feel it’s integral to understanding the show, one final paragraph on where the show goes; how relationships and characters change