UGFTV Alums Courtney Dipaola & Aidan Terry, animators on Academy Winner, "Hair Love"

Monday, Feb 10, 2020

Hair Love
Hair Love

Congratulations to UGFTV Alum Courtney Dipaola and Aidan Terry, who worked as animators on the Oscar winning short, "Hair Love.

Matthew Cherry's, Hair Love, is a 7 minute animated short film that centers around the relationship between an African-American father, Stephen, his daughter, Zuri and her hair. Despite having long locks, Stephen has been used to his wife doing his daughter's hair, so when she is unavailable right before a big event, Stephen will have to figure it out on his own. This sounds simple enough, but we soon come to find that Zuri's hair has a mind of its own.

This story was born out of seeing a lack of representation in mainstream animated projects, and also wanting to promote hair love amongst young men and women of color. It is our hope that this project will inspire.