Yulanda Yo-Rong Shieh

picture of Yulanda Shieh

Yulanda Yo-Rong Shieh is a production and set designer based in New York City. She always enjoys collaborating with artists from different disciplines and telling stories of the unseen that excite all the senses. Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, she has worked as assistant art director on many films produced in Taiwan and China, including Black and White II (Yueh-Hsun Tsai), Journey to the West II (Hark Tsui), and The Taste of Rice Flower (Peng-Fei Song). After coming to New York, she has been constantly designing short films. In addition to her film credits, her set design for Elektra was presented in Prague Quadrennial in 2011. Other designs for stage include A Streetcar Named Desire(Lou Ying Wu, Taiwan Artist House) and The Late Wedding (Giselle Ty, NYU/Tisch).. See Yulanda's Website

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