Marc J. Wheeler

image of Marc Wheeler

Marc J. Wheeler is a production designer graduating from NYU’s Design for Stage and Film program. After studying theatrical set design at Southern Oregon University, Marc assisted designers on the West Coast, before moving abroad to work full-time as a costume and set design assistant at Theater Freiburg. While there, he designed sets and costumes for the world premiere of Zeitgeisterbahn, working with composer/director Mark Scheibe. Since coming to NYU, Marc has found a passion for film production design, designing several films with the graduate directing students. While still in school, Marc had the opportunity to assist on multiple exciting projects, including Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (Beth Mickle), Naked Singularity (Elizabeth Jones), The Ring Cycle at Opera Australia (Maruti Evans), and the Skirball Center’s White Noise (Andew Lieberman), directed by Daniel Fish. See Marc's Website

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