Cari Ann Shim Sham

Associate Arts Professor Dance & Technology

Cari Ann Shim Sham

cari ann shim sham* is a wild artist working at the intersections of dance & technology. she experiments with still & moving images, movement, sound, experiential interactive spaces & street art stickers.
she is actively engaged in the disruption of negatively addictive crowd sourced platforms that expect user generated content for free in a scheme to sell advertising to manipulate & influence its users. 
as a curator she creates spaces that cultivate new ideas for sustainable arts practices. with a curation practice over a decade deep, her commitment offers free submission and innovative programming for new artists with a focus on dance film, vr, ar, xr, and interactive installation, with the recent launch during the pandemic of an online museum, the museum of wild and newfangled art,
she is honored to serve as a guide to young artists at nyu, tisch as an associate arts professor of dance & technology.

Selected Awards

2018        Samsung Staff Pick            Parksville Murders    Samsung VR Gallery    

2017        Best VR                              Parksville Murders    NYC Indie Film Festival

2014        Staff Pick Award                 My First Big Break    Vimeo    

Selected Grants

2019        Dean's Grant                       Shimmer                   NYU

2019        Live Arts Boston                   See/Be Seen            The Boston Foundation

2018        Immersive Opera Project      Parksville Murders    Opera America

2017         Dean's Grant                        Shimmer                    NYU

2017        New England Dance Fund    DLNOWW                  NEFA, Boston, MA

2017        Live Arts Boston Grant          DLNOWW                  Boston Foundation, MA

2016        Next Steps Boston Dance     DLNOWW                  Boston, MA

2016        Artist Development Grant      Shimmer                     NYU

2016        Opera America Grant            Parksville Murders      Opera America


Artist in Residence

2021             Synapse Dance Company  Santa Monica College            LA, CA

2019-20        Barnard Motion Lab            Barnard, Columbia                 New York, NY


2019        Routeledge Perf Archive    SAND, Are You For Real    World Wide Non Exclusive

2019        Routeledge Perf Archive    Chicken Boy, Powder    World Wide Non Exclusive

2018        Jaunt VR        Parksville Murders    Jaunt VR World Wide

2018        Inception VR        Parksville Murders    Inception VR World Wide

2017-18        Samsung VR Gallery    Parksville Murders    Samsung World Wide

2012-18        Short Film Intl.        SAND            itunes

2012-18        itunes & Amazon        One Day on Earth    itunes & Amazon World Wide