The NYU Tisch Department of Dance seeks trained ballet and contemporary students with at least three years training, who can commit to the vigors of professional study.


Admission is limited to full-time students beginning in September only.

A student matriculating in the Tisch School of the Arts must be admitted at two levels: as a student within a department of specialization or major, and as a student of New York University. Admission standards that pertain to University acceptance can be found on the NYU Undergraduate Admissions page (link at the bottom of this page), and should be read in conjunction with the department's standards.

An undergraduate candidate must apply via Common Application. After the application is submitted, NYU Undergraduate Admissions will send an email with instructions for auditioning for the Department of Dance. Please pay careful attention to the following instructions and deadlines for the different application plans (Early Decision I, Early Decision II, Regular Decision, and Fall 2024 Internal and External Transfer).


We are excited to introduce a new pre-screening and in-person callback process for this year’s auditions.  The faculty looks forward to witnessing new talent and the future generation of dance!

The specific deadlines for all steps of the application and audition process are listed below. Please hold the appropriate date listed below for the "callback" for your notification plan.

Pre-screening Process:

  • All applicants to NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Department of Dance must submit pre-screening materials by the appropriate deadline as part of the audition process.
  • A couple of days after submitting your Common Application, you will receive access to your applicant portal, which will include instructions for logging into the Artistic Review Portal to complete the pre-screening process.  
  • Applicants must view the NYU Tisch Dance Pre-screening Class video in their Artistic Portal.   You must submit recordings of yourself taking the class and submit the video in accordance with the deadlines listed below. 
  • The Pre-screening Class consists of ballet (center work, no barre), and contemporary material. Once the link is opened, you will only have three (3) hours to view the audition class link to ensure that you do not have the possibility of memorizing the class. 
  • Once you complete recording your videos, please upload them to Youtube or Vimeo. You will submit your audition class video link into your Artistic Review Portal, along with your resume, full-body photo (dance attire, no specific pose), and Audition Form. Please keep your videos unlisted or viewable only to those with access to your link.  The pre-screen materials do not need to be submitted within the three (3) hour time limit, but must be submitted in accordance with the deadlines listed below. 
  • Please hold the appropriate date(s) listed below for the “callback”.  Your pre-screen materials will be reviewed by faculty evaluators and you will be notified by the notification deadline listed below whether you are invited to schedule a callback.

Important Guidelines for Pre-screening:

  • Ballet shoes are required for the ballet portion (no pointe shoes, please), and bare feet are expected in the contemporary portion.
  • We need to see your body clearly, so it will not benefit you to wear baggy clothes.
  • We recommend getting yourself completely set up for the class before opening the NYU Tisch Dance Contemporary and Ballet audition class link. This includes any personal warm-up preparation that you need, as well as setting up your camera, lighting, attire, etc.
  • You can take the class several times within the three-hour time limit. Please only record your performance of each of the combinations. Do not record yourself learning the material. Once the three (3) hours are complete, you will navigate to the next page, where you will submit your video links and application.
  • To record yourself, we recommend using the video feature of your smartphone, if that is available to you.  We will accept the following video formats (.3g2, .3gp, .avi, .m2v, .m4v, .mkv, .mov, .mpeg, .mpg, .mp4, .mxf, .webm, .wmv). 
  • You should sync yourself to the sound that is coming directly from the Tisch audition video so that we can assess your musicality and presence within the class. 
  • Choose a place with good lighting and an angle where your whole body can be seen clearly within the frame. We recommend using a tripod to ensure a consistent image. You can take the class and record these videos in any space that is available to you and conducive for full dancing. 
  • If you submit incomplete pre-screening materials, it may affect the evaluators’ consideration of your application.

In-Person Callback Process and Guidelines:

  • Applicants will be notified if they are invited for an in-person callback audition in accordance with the notification plan deadlines listed below.  Callback notifications will be posted in the Applicant Portal. Please read the deadlines and important notes carefully and hold the appropriate date for your notification plan.
  • Upon receipt of a callback invitation, applicants must schedule their callback audition within the Applicant Portal.  
  • An invitation to a callback audition is not a confirmation of admission.  Applicants must schedule and attend one callback audition in order to be considered for admission.  
  • Callbacks will be held in New York (Early Decision I, Early Decision II, Regular Decision, Fall 2024 Internal and External Transfer), and in Los Angeles (one date for Regular Decision or Fall 2024 External Transfer applicants only). 
  • In-person callbacks will require applicants to take ballet and contemporary class, participate in an improvisational component, and perform a solo (up to 2 minutes in length, no pointe solos please).  
  • Final Admissions decisions will be communicated by the Applicant Portal.
  • Only applicants who are being invited for an in-person callback audition will receive a notification.  Those applicants who are not invited for an in-person callback audition will not receive a notification. 
  • Not all Dance Department applicants will be invited to an in-person callback audition. Being invited to a callback, or not being invited, is not an indication of a final admissions decision to NYU.
  • New York callbacks will be held at NYU Tisch Department of Dance, 111 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10003
  • Los Angeles callbacks will be held at Orange County School of the Arts, 1010 N. Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701

A virtual callback process is available for applicants who cannot attend in-person - details can be found at the link at the bottom of this page.  If you receive a callback invitation and cannot attend in-person, please contact for more information.

The specific deadlines for all steps of the application and audition process are listed below.  Please hold the appropriate date listed below for the “callback” listed below. 


Early Decision I 

  • Common Application Deadline - November 1
  • Pre-screening Submission Deadline - November 4
  • Callback Notification - November 8
  • Callback Auditions - November 16, 9am-12pm ET (NY)

Early Decision II 

  • Common Application Deadline - January 1
  • Pre-screening Submission Deadline - January 5
  • Callback Notification - January 10
  • Callback Auditions - January 22, 9am-12pm ET (NY)

Regular Decision 

  • Common Application Deadline - January 5
  • Pre-screening Submission Deadline - January 12
  • Callback Notification - January 26
  • Callback Auditions (Choose one, subject to availability):
    • February 3, 10am-4pm PT (LA)
    • February 3, 10am-4pm ET (NY)
    • February 9, 9am-12pm ET (NY)
    • February 10, 10am-4pm ET (NY)

Fall 2024 Transfer (Internal and External) 

  • Common Application Deadline - April 1
  • Pre-screening Submission Deadline - April 5
  • Callback Notification - April 10
  • Callback Auditions (Choose one, subject to availability): 
    • February 3, 10am-4pm PT (LA)
    • February 3, 10am-4pm ET (NY)
    • February 9, 9am-12pm ET (NY)
    • February 10, 10am-4pm ET (NY)
    • April 15, 9am-12pm ET (NY)


  • The cut-off time for submitting pre-screening materials is 9:00am ET on the date listed above.
  • We recommend applicants submit their common application and pre-screening materials two weeks ahead of the listed deadlines. However, NYU Undergraduate Admissions will still accept applications and materials up until the actual deadlines.
  • Callbacks must be scheduled within 48 hours of receiving a callback notification.
  • Applicants must arrive 30 minutes prior to their callback audition time to sign in.  
  • Callback auditions will begin promptly at the times listed above.

If you have any questions or find yourself in a compromised situation, please contact the Tisch Dance Department directly and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. | 212-998-1980 

Message from the Chair:
We at Tisch Dance understand that the admissions process can be a taxing one, and some may even feel overwhelmed by what is expected of them. As you gather your materials for the application process, keep in mind that we want to see who you are as an artist. We encourage you to be courageous with your choices, and demonstrate your artistic voice and what you might hope to investigate as a student in our department. We don’t expect you to know everything or have all the answers. Instead, we’re looking for artists who are interested in pushing boundaries, asking thought-provoking questions, researching new ideas, and can demonstrate creative choice making.
As you move through this process and come upon anything confusing please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.
We look forward to reviewing your applications.
Pamela Pietro
Chair and Arts Professor, NYU Tisch Department of Dance