Dance Admissions FAQs

Are digital auditions accepted?

Digital auditions are accepted for:


1)International applicants who are unable to attend an audition. International students must also include a brief verbal presentation for their background in English on the digital link.


2) MFA applicants who are on tour professionally. 


If you are unable to audition in person, you’re welcome to submit a link to your digital file. After you submit the NYU Online Application, please email to confirm that you intend to audition digitally and understand the submission guidelines and materials explained below: 


Digital Submission: 


1) Please be sure to clearly identify yourself so that the Admissions Committee can easily follow you on the link. Your digital link should include the following components, in this order: 


An abbreviated ballet barre, adagio, and contemporary technique movement traveling across the floor (approximately 20 minutes total), and a brief solo (2-3 minutes) in the dance form of your preference. 


2) Include a brief verbal presentation describing your dance background and interest in Tisch Dance. 


3) 8”x10” full-body photo and dance résumé. 


4) Completed, double-sided Audition Information Form (email for a copy). Please complete this form up to the For Department Use section on the second side. 


5) Do not send DVD Audition materials to the Office of Admissions. All materials should be mailed to the Tisch Dance Department at:


Attn: Audition Application

TSOA/ Department of Dance

New York University

111 Second Avenue, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10003 


The deadline to complete the NYU Online Application is January 1, 2017: 


All DVD Audition materials must be received at the Tisch Dance Department by February 1, 2017.  You can send the via email.  

Is there financial assistance available for international students?

There are a very limited number of tuition scholarships and graduate assistantships for international students (F-1 and J-1 visas). International applicants are urged to seek aid from their home country's government and other outside sources. For more information on financial aid for international students, visit the NYU Financial Aid Web Site,

I'm interested in visiting Tisch Dance. How do I arrange a visit?

The Tisch Department of Dance is open for visits on Thursday mornings at 9:45am, *mid September - early May.  The visit consists of a tour of our dance facility with a department administrator and/or current students including an opportunity to ask questions.  You will also be able to observe ballet and modern classes.  The visit will last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, depending on how long you observe classes.


To be placed on the schedule, please contact the department 1-2 weeks in advance of your visit (212-998-1980).  We regret that we can not accommodate walk-in visits.


Please visit the Dance Audition page to view the Dance Department's tour schedule for the upcoming year.


*No tours during the summer or vacation/holiday periods.


What should I bring to the audition?

Dance résumé. 

(1) 8”X10” full body dance photo (in dance wear, no particular dance pose).

Prepared solo (2-3 minutes) in dance style of your choice. 

Music on your iPhone, iPod or MP3 player, with a CD as a backup for the solo. Please remove your passcode before the audition. 

What will take place at the audition?

Please arrive an hour before the audition time to register and warm up.

A full ballet barre and center. 

Modern combinations in the center and across the floor.            

A cut will be made. 

Those asked to continue will show a 2-3 minute solo and have an interview with a faculty member. 

The audition is approximately 2 hours in duration.    

What is the faculty looking for?

Dancers who are serious about entering an intensive conservatory dance program with the intentions of becoming an artist.

Individuals who have strong technique and the potential to have a professional career as dancers and/or choreographers. 

I want to apply Early Decision. How does it work? (BFA only)

Early Decision is an admissions option for freshman applicants who are certain that New York University is their first choice college and who have decided that they will attend NYU if admitted.   In the Tisch Dept. of Dance  the Early Decision audition is very competitive.  


You will take a full ballet and a full modern class with current students and then a cut is made.  If you make the cut,  you may be asked to perform a 2-3 minute solo prepared a dance style of your choice.  Finally, there is an interview with a faculty member. 


If you feel that you are a strong candidate, submit an application to New York University as an Early Decision candidate by November 1st.   The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will notify the Dept. of Dance and an Early Decision audition audition date will be sent to you by email. The Early Decision auditions usually occur mid to late November in New York City only.


Can I have a double major or minor if enrolled in the dance program? (BFA only)

Yes, and Dance will be considered the primary major.  Once enrolled you should determine the requirements of the 2nd major.  Having done that, you will discuss with an advisor how and if the additional courses can fit the into the dance program schedule.  In some cases, students may have to take an additional semester to finish up the academic requirements of their 2nd major.  It is challenging to double major but we have several students who double major and/or minor in other subjects.




What style of modern do you teach?

We do not teach a particular style of modern.  Our teachers are from diverse backgrounds and teach different styles of modern.  The faculty rotate classes so all students will be taught by each teacher.

I am interested in transferring to your dance program. What is the process?

Simply submit an application to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  While the transfer application deadline is April 1st, the Dept. of Dance strongly suggests that your application be submitted by mid February, to ensure and in-person audition.  Transfer students who are accepted begin the program as first year students.  Any dance credits you have will not transfer to this program and Admissions determines which academic credits transfer based on their requirements.