SADC functions as a working dance company in all its elements. Each year, four noteworthy guest choreographers are engaged to create new work or set existing master works; this provides students a professional experience and allows them to explore new styles of dance. In addition to performing work by guest choreographers, students also develop their own choreography, all of which is showcased in our concerts throughout their SADC year.


Attend the performances at the Jack Crystal Theater - 111 Second Avenue NYC

Sean Curran

Seán Curran on SADC

Department Chair and Tisch Dance alumnus Seán Curran talks about the role of the Second Avenue Dance Company.

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SADC 2021-2022 

SADC Performing Gutter Glitter

SADC October Concert

SADC Performing MiddleSexGorge

SADC December Concert

Dymon Samara performing a solo

SADC Investigating the WE: Dances for Social Justice Concert

SADC Yin Yue Performance

SADC Dance Majors Concert 2022