Profunds and GSO Grant Recipients

Tuesday, Apr 11, 2017

We are excited to announce that this year’s Profunds and GSO grants have been awarded. Created by the Tisch Undergraduate Student Council (TUSC) and Graduate Student Council (GSO), and generously funded by Dean Allyson Green, ProFunds and GSO grants empower students to create their own works of art to share with the Tisch community. Projects culminate in performances, exhibitions, and/or screenings, and are open to the Tisch community.

Without further ado, here are this year’s recipients:


The Cycle
Submitted by: Shi Yi Jean Ng
A narrative short film from the unique perspective of an LGBTQ Singaporean living abroad.

The Cycle is screening on Friday, April 14th, 5:30-7:30pm, 721 Broadway, Room 674

Submitted by: Arianna Change
A production by Shakespeare in the Square incorporating music, dance, acting, design, and the collaboration of artists from many different Tisch departments.

Diversity Art Festival
Submitted by: Katie Grant
A festival presenting a vast array of artistic projects related to the concept of diversity and inclusion.

The Diversity Art Festival is taking place on Tuesday, April 11th, 6pm-9pm in the Kimmel Center, Rosenthal Pavilion, 10th Floor. Learn more about the Diversity Art Festival on Facebook and Eventbrite.

Fusion Film Festival
Submitted by: Oliver Finley
A three-day festival that includes film and television screenings, new media panels, master classes, retrospectives, and student competitions, all highlighting the work of women behind the camera.

ISO Magazine
Submitted by: Vida Lercari
An annual photography and writing publication representing people diverting from social and political norms.

Safe Spaces Collective
Submitted by: Myles Golden
A zine and exhibition that seeks to reclaim the physical, psychological, and creative landscapes of marginalized individuals in regards to race, gender, and sexuality.


Submitted by: Tyler Thomas
A project seeking to highlight stories from the matriarchs of a family by developing a performance piece based on that family's oral history.

Where I Live
Submitted by: Mizuho Yamazaki
A documentary focusing on the experience of Japanese concentration camp survivors during, and after, World War II.

Musical Playground Virtual Reality
Submitted by: Wei Yu
A video game in which players use music to create virtual worlds around their characters.

Musical Playground will premiere on Friday, April 21st, 3pm-8pm, 721 Broadway, Lower Lobby

Stop Motion/VR
Submitted by: Gal Nissim
An interactive stop-motion animation that lives in a 360 virtual space.

We want to congratulate the recipients of this year’s grants and look forward to seeing these projects come to life as the spring semester progresses.

Learn more about Tisch Profunds and GSO Grants at the provided links.