Summer Open Hours

It may be summer time but TOCD never takes a break when it comes to providing you with career support! Our monthly Summer Open Hours are a great way to get cover letter/resume feedback or get tips on your internship/job search. Take advantage of the perfect opportunity to ask any and all of your career questions and have application materials reviewed!  

Here’s how it works:

  • Click on the Zoom link below during the Summer Open Hours session (11am-12:30pm ET)
  • Wait your turn in the waiting room. While you're waiting, please email any materials you'd like reviewed (e.g. resume) to using the subject line: "Summer Open Hours Materials", the date, and your name. (e.g. "Summer Open Hours Materials - July 2, Hermione Granger") Files should be doc, docx, or pdf only. Please do not send materials more than an hour prior to the Open Hours session you wish to attend. Please also be advised that feedback on materials is only given via Zoom - do not email your materials without also planning to log into the Zoom.
  • Summer Open Hours are first-come, first-served so wait times may vary depending on who else is in the queue. The average wait time is 5-15 minutes but during busy periods the wait may be up to 45 minutes.
  • When it's your turn, the counselor on duty will move you from the waiting room to the Zoom meeting.
  • If there are people waiting, Summer Open Hours are limited to 10 minutes but you can always get back into the queue if you have more questions.

Note: Summer Open Hours are only available for same-day service. Registrations made through the Zoom links outside of the Summer Open Hours times will be ignored.

The TOCD staff looks forward to working with you! For questions about Summer Open Hours, please contact us at

Summer Open Hours are just one of the many ways TOCD supports the career development of Tisch students and alumni! To learn more about TOCD, click here.