Industry Connections & Mentorship

NYU Violet Network

Take advantage of NYU’s new mentor and networking platform! The Violet Network allows the NYU community to gain access to NYU Tisch and other NYU alumni, students, and professors eager to assist with your career journey.


  1. The Violet Network is a resource hosted through the NYU Wasserman Center and available to current NYU students and alumni.

  2. It assists you in expanding your professional network.

  3. The Violet Network is for career guidance and insight, not job matching/placement or agent/industry referrals.

  4. Access NYU affinity groups, career discussion feeds, tips on networking and finding mentors through this comprehensive platform.  

If you formerly used the Tisch Industry Network Database, please be advised that industry volunteers from that database have been transitioned to the Violet Network. Applications for the Industry Network Database are no longer being accepted.

For more information about the Violet Network please click here.

Tisch New Graduates Mentoring Program

Created by the Tisch Office of Career Development in partnership with the Office of Alumni Relations and the Tisch academic departments, this mentor program connects new Tisch graduates with alumni who are eager to share their wisdom and support the next generation of artists and creatives.

Alumni volunteers provide industry insights, as well as friendly guidance on the transition from school to life. Starting in the summer, selected members of the graduating class receive six months of mentorship, consisting of at least one 30-minute chat (via phone or video) and two follow-up meetings.

This is not an internship or job placement program. The mentors are NOT obligated to provide job opportunities or referrals. Each mentee will be expected to work actively with their mentor toward their specific professional and personal goals.

Please note the New Graduates Mentoring Program is subject to volunteer availability so it may not be offered every year. For more information about the most recent cycle, please click here.