Grad Acting: Edi Gathegi ('05) Stars in "The Harder They Fall"

Friday, Dec 3, 2021

The class of 2005's Edi Gathegi, stars in "The Harder They Fall", a new western film now streaming on Netflix.

From Screen Rant: 

Edi Gathegi: Well, the first thing that jumped out of me was the very obvious thing, which is every character in a Western was Black. I thought that was a really interesting premise. Then it turns out that it's a really important premise because Black people existed in the west and they're so rarely depicted. This movie does something that's quite clever because it actually uses real historical figures that actually lived and it repurposes them into the telling of this tale. There's a little history lesson in it as well.

Check out Edi's interview with Screen Rant in the link below!