Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully this page will answer any questions you may have. If your question has not been answered, please feel free to email us at and 

Before Applying

Do I need a bachelor's degree to apply?

This is a Master’s Degree program. You must have a Bachelor’s Degree or be in the process of completing your Bachelor’s Degree in order to be considered for the program. Exceptions have been made but they are very rare. If you have a question about this please contact Graduate Admissions.

Does my Bachelor’s Degree have to be in Theatre?

No. Anyone with a Bachelor’s Degree is welcome to audition. If you don’t have any theatre/acting experience, you are still a viable candidate. The most important element is what you bring in the audition. 

Can I visit the campus?

Unfortunately, visitors are currently not permitted on the NYU campus.

We encourage prospective students to virtually attend our information sessions.

Is there an age limit?

No. Individuals of all ages are welcome to apply as long as they hold a bachelor’s degree.

What are the application deadlines?

Deadline to apply and register for auditions: The next application cycle, which will be for entry in Fall 2025, will begin in early September 2024.

Questions about the Program

Do you offer on campus housing?

NYU does offer Grad Housing. However, our students opt to live off-campus. We do have a large network of current students and alumni who are often subletting their apartments or looking for roommates. 

Applying for the Program

What is the application fee and is there a waiver available?

Yes, there is a total fee of $115 for the application / audition process.

If you would like to request an application fee waiver, please contact Joseph Miserendino at and he can let you know what the procedure is. In your email, be prepared to explain the nature of the hardship and provide evidence supporting your request for a waiver. 


If you are unable to submit your official transcripts as a PDF, you can submit unofficial transcripts. However, if invited to attend Callbacks, you must submit official transcripts.

Auditioning for the Program

What should I prepare/bring?

Prepare 4 monologues - 2 contemporary and 2 classical.
It’s always helpful to embrace the idea of contrast. Monologues should be classical and contemporary, both comedic and dramatic, two being in verse (rhymed or unrhymed).


Prepare to sing 16 bars of a song acapella. This is just to see where you are with your voice. The song can be anything from a Broadway Classic to Happy Birthday, so pick something you are comfortable with.  

Bring your headshot, resume, and personal statement.

What do you consider “Classical”?

This question has gone under much debate, and often is considered “Classical” for one audition may be “Modern” for another. Classical pieces are pieces in which the author was born before the 1800s.

The Henry Box Brown Play

The Henry Box Brown Play

For additional questions, please email