Current Students

The student body is diverse and multicultural. The more variety of study and experience our student body can bring to the program, the more exciting the work that can be created, both in class and on stage. We are interested in the personal story of each individual in the school as well as in creating an ensemble out of each class. We make our selection of students and organize the work around that point of view, and students, faculty, staff, and guest directors become a very close-knit family over the course of three years.


The Grad Acting Program calendars below are "live," and the activities on them are subject to change as we make updates in response to the needs of the program. Please check these calendars regularly to make sure that events, dates and times are current.

Y1 Class Calendar / Y1 Production Calendar

Y2 Class Calendar / Y2 Production Calendar

Y3 Class Calendar / Y3 Production Calendar