Grad Acting: Corey Stoll ('03) and Nadia Bowers ('00) star in "Macbeth"

Wednesday, Oct 30, 2019

Corey Stoll ('03) and Nadia Bowers ('00) star in "Macbeth" running now through December 15th at Classic Stage Company.

From the New York Times:

"...head over to Classic Stage Company and let Corey Stoll persuade you otherwise with a stunningly smart, bracingly lucid embodiment of a man who, step by step, cedes his soul to his own darkest impulses, in rapacious pursuit of personal glory."

"However much his wife (played with cool contempt by an impressive Nadia Bowers, who is married to Stoll) hectors him or impugns his manhood, he reasons his way meticulously through each moral question. Then he has to live with what he’s wrought."

Read the full review in the link below.