Twice As Good

Twice As Good

Twice as Good

Directed by Kristian King

Type of Project: Drama
Length: 12:00
Producer: Kristian King
Editor: Mariko Munro
Cinematographer: Inés Gowland
Sound Designers:  

It's College Decision Day. Ann Pearson, a Black, high school senior and valedictorian, has finally taken her future into her hands, but she's been keeping it a secret. Now, out of time, Ann must find the courage to reveal her truth at the risk of failing everyone’s high expectations and disappointing the person she loves most.

Kristian King
Kristian King


Kristian King is a writer/director/producer originally from Fayetteville, GA and is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.  After spending most of her time pursuing a career in Clinical Research, she took a hard right into film.  Recently, she graduated from New York University’s dual degree MBA/MFA program with Stern School of Business and Tisch School of the Arts, where she was awarded the 2019 Media Services Award for her work as producer on over fifteen short films. Her short film, The Cure, premiered at the American Black Film Festival in 2019. She’s continually inspired by female, Black, and Southern stories.  Her driving force is to give voice to underrepresented stories, so that more people can find facets of themselves reflected on screen and as a result feel can feel heard.