to the girl that looks like me

to the girl that looks like me

to the girl that looks like me

Directed by: Ewurakua T Dawson-Amoah

Type of Project: Experimental
Length: 5:10
Producer: Adrian Sobrado
Editor: Elliot Farinaro
Cinematographer: Gabriel Connelly
Sound Designers: Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah

An experimental poetry piece that celebrates black women, who continue to thrive in a system that was not built for them. This visual poem explores culture, self-love and self-discovery through a string of vignettes that combine dance, folklore, modern culture and spirituality.

Ewurakua T Dawson-Amoah
Ewurakua T Dawson-Amoah


Ewurakua is a passionate writer/director and recent graduate of New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Along with writing and directing, Ewurakua has strong experience in sound design and music composition. Her work has been recognized in numerous film competitions, including Fusion Film Festival, NYC Sight, and Sound Showcase and the Tony Hawkins Award for Excellence in Sound Design.
Her love for writing came about when she noticed how rare it was to see people of color represented on screen. She began to rewrite her favorite movies to include people that looked and acted like her.

Ewurakua's long term goal is to create art that represents her community in positive lights. She has taken this passion further than her films, this year launching her company, "The Melacast Network", a casting and collaboration platform for film creatives of color. It is her goal for diversity in the industry to be the norm.