Our Problem

Our Problem

Our Problem

Directed by Benjamin Freemantle

Type of Project: Satire
Length: 14:57
Producers: Tajayona Harris, Benjamin Freemantle
Editors: Samuel Burbank, Benjamin Freemantle
Cinematographer: Matthew Foundoulis
Sound Designers: Matthew Ericson

After a biracial college grad is physically torn into two by his family, his two halves struggle to coexist.

Benjamin Freemantle
Benjamin Freemantle


Benjamin Freemantle is a Canadian filmmaker, whose narrative and documentary works focus on themes of pride, identity, and race. He earned a BFA in Film & Television from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. His latest short film, Squeak, finished as a semi-finalist at the Dumbo Film Festival, a finalist at the FROSTBITE International Film Festival, received an Award of Merit from the IndieFEST Film Awards and has competed at festivals across North America and Europe. Freemantle has worked on the production teams for top industry names such as Jigsaw Productions, Our Time Projects, and Truly Original, producing content for Netflix, Youtube TV, Paramount Network, and most recently a two-part Tiger Woods documentary series being released on HBO this December.

Inspired by his own experiences as a multiracial and bicultural individual, Freemantle has been working on Our Problem for over two years and is incredibly excited to share his film with the world.