Ana Wa Enti

Ana Wa Enti

Ana Wa Enti

Directed by Alexandra Muhawi-Ho

Type of Project: 
Polina Buchak, Camila Grimaldi, Alyssa DiMartino, Alexandra Muhawi-Ho
Editor: Kailey Radcliffe

Idil Eryurekli
Sound Design: Nina Leitenberg

33-year-old Amira struggles to find her place in between her Arab and American identities while living with and navigating her relationship with her culturally traditional, yet loving mother.

Alexandra Muhawi-Ho
Alexandra Muhawi-Ho


Alex is an Arab-Chinese-American writer and director currently based in New York. As a result of her multi-cultural identity, she’s passionate about highlighting communities and cultures that are typically under or misrepresented. She also seeks to explore the intersectionality of these groups and what it means to forge an identity in the midst of a multitude of values, traditions, and beliefs that both align with and contradict each other.