UGFTV Professor Enid Zentelis : How My Grandmother Won WWII

Thursday, Jan 14, 2021

How My Grandmother Won WWll

How My Grandmother Won WWll

What does it look like when fascism has turned your country upside down?

How do you fight bigotry and hatred when hopelessness and apathy has set in?

How does individual action make a difference in the quest for equality and freedom?

And What is so important about the post office?

These are not questions about 2020 America, these are questions asked about Hungary in the 1940s.

From Writer/Director/Professor Enid Zentelis and Radio Producer Vicki Hippel Vergolina comes, "How My Grandmother Won WWII," a 6-part podcast begins airing Jan 27th on Spreaker and then everywhere you get your podcasts.