UGFTV Alumna Lizzie Shapiro chosen for new Film Independent Producing Lab Fellow.

Monday, Oct 30, 2017

Producing Lab Welcomes Six New Fellows (Plus Returning Mentors and Advisors)

In biology, enzymes are the molecular catalysts tasked with accelerating the process of chemical reaction. In other words, they take whatever raw elements are available to them and transforms it all into something completely new and fully realized. Using this as our metaphorical jumping-off point, Creative Producers are the enzymes of the film world—connecting creators, problem solving and communicating a workable vision for how to convert artistic ideas into actual, extant product.

As such, we’d like to welcome six new Film Independent Producing Lab Fellows to the enzyme club. Part of Film Independent’s Artist Development, the Producing Lab is an intensive program designed to help filmmakers develop their skills as creative, independent producers; determining strategies and action plans for bringing their feature film projects to life.

“Creative Producers play such an integral role in the independent film landscape, but often remain unsung heroes in an exceedingly challenging industry,” says Jennifer Kushner, Film Independent’s Director of Artist Development. “We are thrilled to welcome this exceptional group of visionary storytellers into the Lab.”

Lizzie Shapiro (producer, Mickey and the Bear)

Lizzie Shapiro
Lizzie Shapiro

Lizzie Shapiro is a freelance producer based in Brooklyn, NY. She has produced several short films that have premiered at film festivals worldwide, including “Frankie Keeps Talking,” “Where There’s Smoke” and “Jahar.” She also worked on the feature film Goat (Sundance, 2016) as the New York Production Supervisor and Post Supervisor. She has produced commercial content with companies such as Yacht Club Films, M ss ng P eces, Anonymous Content, All-Expanded, EPOCH, Venables Bell, The Barbarian Group, Alldayeveryday and VICE i-D. Lizzie has also produced a number of music videos for artists such as Alicia Keys, Lil Yachty/Young Thug, Maggie Rogers, Pusha T, and Norah Jones. She holds a BFA in Film Production from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

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