The Volker Bahnemann Award for Outstanding Cinematography - UFGTV


  • Violet Smith

    Violet Smith

    Violet Smith is a Los Angeles and New York City-based Cinematographer. A recent graduate of New York University, majoring in Film and Television Production, she is now working full time as a cinematographer. She started working and gaining experience on set as a cinematographer, in her sophomore year of High School, where she had the privilege of studying film at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. Since then she has not only experimented with various forms of narrative filmmaking but also worked on commercial and experimental projects. Through her experience working on these projects, she has become a multifaceted cinematographer and artist, giving her a unique perspective on all projects. Violet has found strength in her interest in experimenting with camera movement and embracing/enhancing natural environments or scenery. She strives to collaborate with as many artists and visionaries as possible and bring their unique stories to life through powerful visuals. 

  • Toby Romero

    Toby Romero

    Toby Romero (America, 1999) is a Cinematographer based in New York City and Los Angeles.  

    Toby’s calling for filmmaking took center stage after acceptance into a Ghetto Film School (GFS) Fellowship in 10th grade. He graduated NYU with honors while earning a BFA in Film & Television Production. He spent his summers at Warner Bros. after being selected for a four-year internship where he worked with New Line Cinema and on Netflix's “Fuller House.”   

    His work has been published by Associated Press and U.S. News & World Report. He's won NYU showcases and been nominated for national festivals. Toby's Norwegian and Latino background influences a unique visual style. He has worked on narrative films, spec commercials, documentaries, and experimental shoots from his local spots to Ketchikan, Alaska to Tel Aviv, Israel. Toby's most excited to shape light with new directors and deliver a psychological lens into underrepresented stories.  

    When not on set, Toby can be found in the ocean surfing or on the mountain snowboarding.