The Sloan Writing & Production Award Winners

2021-22 Writing Awards

Mayanka Goel
At the Heart of Everything

Mattan Hamou

2020-21 Writing Awards

Ramzi Bashour
Yes Chef and The Mushroom King

Mattan Hamou
The Fearfully Great

Malcolm Quinn Silver-Van Meter

2020-21 Short Film Production Award

Jess X. Snow
Roots That Reach Toward The Sky

Honorable Mention
Jorge Sistos Moreno
XHGC, Let There Be Light  

2019-20 Writing Awards

A Long Time Ago. . .
Steven Kreager

The Printer
Gregory Swong

Asia Khmelova

Honorable Mention
The Drake Equation

Nicola Lanthier-Rogers

Honorable Mention

Zoe Mitchell

2019-20 Short Film Production Award

Hasan Hadi

2018-19 Writing Awards

Hector Coles
Searching for Nikola Tesla

Matthew Jackett
White Coffins

2018-19 Short Film Production Awards

Kamila Daurenova
The Village of Heptyl

Avi Kabir
The Fog Catcher

2017-18 Writing awards

Adam Sharp
The Sea Dragon

Jacob Marx Rice

Hector Coles
The Quantum Dialogue

2017-18 Short Film Production Awards

Ramzi Bashour
The Trees

Ria Tobaccowala
(and co-writers Kade Roybal and Alden Sargent)

Rachel Main
Jackie Christy

2016-17 Writing Awards

Mirella Christou
Seven Eternities

Jennifer Sherman

2015-16 Writing Awards:  

Jennifer Rudin
Script: Lucy in the Sky

Jennifer Coates
Script: Wasteland

Evan Ari Kelman
Script: With These Eyes

2014-15 Writing Awards

Bo Shim
Script: Enfect

Luiz Tassi
Script: Mulsanne Corner

2013-14 Writing Awards

Krystal Foster
Script: Traits

Matthew Mclnerney-Lacombe
Script: Spring Offensive

Rohan Narula
Script: The Man Who Wore A Sanitary Pad

Alexa Polivka
Script: Final Jeopardy

2012-13 Writing Awards

Leah Franqui
Script: Origin

Ashley Sims
Script: Manhattan Project

Daniel Hasse
Script: Fritz Haber

2012-13 Production Awards

Paxton Farrar
Script: Starry Night

Isabella Wing-Davey
Script: The Rain Collector

2011-12 Writing Awards

Ricardo Perez Gonzalez
Script: The Tender Peel

Kathryn Bancroft
Script: The Lost Coast

2011-12 Production Award

Eliza McNitt
Script: Without Fire