NVV 2023 Filmmakers L - Z


Arice Liu
I'm currently a senior at film & TV, and have explored both directing and producing but now decided to switch to animation. I am from Hunan, China and came to NY for undergraduate. Humor is always my approach to highlight the work, and hope everyone enjoys this piece of short commercial.

After suffering from pain for a long time, Advil shows up and kicks pain out of the frame.


Ariana Marie Luque is a Director and Cinematographer from The Bronx, NY. Her work is often rooted from her Latin background, prioritizing culture and interpersonal relationships in her work. Her goal is to amplify stories from underrepresented communities and diversify the entertainment industry in front and behind the camera. Ariana also has experience working abroad, most recently as the camera operator on a short independent film in Iceland last November. Previously, she has also shot in Italy and Puerto Rico. She has worked with major studios like Amazon Prime, Walt Disney, and Paramount under the production departments.

Mother Nature walks through the beaches, towns, and sidewalks of Puerto Rico, delivering a monologue addressing the audience, her children. She speaks on what it feels like to be disappointed, abused, and forgotten on the backdrop of infamous and beautiful landscapes.


César Oyarzabal, a young French filmmaker, is a senior undergraduate at NYU Tisch in Film and TV. From an early age, he immersed himself in filmmaking, creating over 30 short films spanning narratives and documentaries. His filmmaking philosophy centers around the idea that compelling stories don't require extravagant equipment; a powerful narrative and genuine emotions transcend technical limitations. One of his key influence is Festen by Thomas Vinterberg.

Two desperate parents search for their missing daughter, Alexia. When they discover a cryptic videotape she left behind, they're drawn into her world of secrets. Their search leads them to Magaly, a friend from school, triggering an unexpected unraveling of truths. As the layers of secrecy peel away, they're confronted with "Why I Hate You" and "Why I Love You," the revealing tapes. With each tape exchange, they confront their pasts, propelling them toward a collision of hidden emotions and unresolved conflicts.


Tucker Papa is a senior at NYU Tisch majoring in Film and Television and minoring in Philosophy. Tucker plans to continue his work in the Film and TV industry concentrating his work as a director, AD, and editor.

An After Party
An older married couple spirals into an argument when adultery is revealed, the couple now must face the truth about themselves and their relationship.


Lucie Pottecher (she/her) is a first-generation French Director and Producer currently working at Good Egg Entertainment, an all-female NYC-based production company, where she is crafting content for top networks/streamers. A graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts (BFA '21) where she won numerous awards, she has produced content and short-form follow-docs for the BBC (Fascinating Codes of Modern Teenage Flirting, 2020) and has directed commercial content for Mad Studios.  She is currently working with Microplastic Removal inventor, chemistry student, and Forbes 30 under 30 listee Fionn Ferreira to create animated and unscripted TV content that promotes sustainable practices.

Mine - Sofia D'Angelo
A music video by Sofia D'Angelo, directed by Lucie Pottecher, that explores the fragility of trust and a fear of falling in love in a young relationship. 



Betsy Schultz is a senior at NYU Tisch concentrating in cinematography with a focus on short form videos. While she enjoys exploring various genres, she primarily focuses on horror/thriller and comedy. She has also worked professionally on corporate video shoots and events. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts and traveling. During the Fall 2022 semester, she studied abroad at NYU Prague to complete the 35mm Filmmaking program.

Amazon Alexa: Scream
An Amazon Alexa spec ad spoofing the opening scene of Scream (1996).


Heron Shen is a current senior film student at NYU, focusing on animation and screenwriting. In freshman year, his leading work “Ear Witness” won the best cinematography and best scoring in the T48 event, demonstrating his innovative idea of combining different aspect ratios and storytelling styles in one single short. He has a wide range of knowledge of different cultures and subjects including literature, linguistics, anime, the gaming industry, gender topics, fantasy & sci-fi books, criminology, and physics. In his production works, he is always trying to draw the connection between things and usually provides a brand-new vision for viewers or readers. Right now Heron Shen is working on his thesis animation short film “Ways of Fish Dying” which explores the idea of existentialism through abstract styles.

This experimental short explores the idea of how one single action could pace up and down, duplicate, accelerate, or be interpreted in different ways. A mysterious figure is hitting a metal, forging something, what is he forging? Will it answer your questions?


Farrah Shikara is a Junior in Film & TV specializing in Animation. She enjoys watching cartoons such as Gravity Falls or Adventure Time and aspires to become a storyboard artist for TV animation. Hobbies include reading, cosplaying, and playing board games.

After rats eat their eyes, Plum the rabbit is determined to get revenge. 


Raef Tanner
I asked him a question, he seemed to chew on it. His mustache getting caught in his bottom lip. It took longer than I thought for him to digest. So long that I became aware of myself standing there in front of him. I had a lust for importance in that moment, had I impressed him so with my question? Perhaps he would remember me, talk to his associates about my potential, rely on me if he ever needed a leader. Laughter woke me from my internal monologue. At first it was like a hiccup and slow. Soon it became raspy and repetitive. He wasn’t laughing at me or the question it didn’t seem. It didn’t even seem that he found anything particularly funny. 

An introspective film which attempts to explore a reality inside and outside of the pre-frontal cortex. 

Thotti (Rio De Janeiro, 2001) is a filmmaker by profession of faith. From his early youth in Rio de Janeiro under the influence of popular Christianity and its specters to the present in New York City, from where he attempts to merge Latin America to the world in cosmic trances, Thotti dreams of cinema as a radical experience of the sacred. His very first shorts  Black Mass (2017) and The Symposium (2018), are direct adaptations of Plato and Nietzsche mixed with Brazillian spirits; likewise, the feature Aletheia (2018) was an attempt to shape a tropical Wizard of Oz from the scratches of Martin Heidegger’s Dasein. In a break with the dialogue with philosophy, his later work focuses more and more on ritual; his latest film, The Rainmakers (2023), attempts to actually make rain, and it was part of Cannes Film Festival Shortfilm Corner while his VR work @buymeadeadjaguar2023 is a black box of Aztec resurrection.

It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' (A Remix of the Rainmakers)
The dead search for a path to watch the rain film that can bring back life in the lost dream of cinema.


Bryan Uvaldo is a Brazilian-American filmmaker currently based in NYC, with the intention of moving out to LA. He enjoys thinking of scenes and story structure with his post-production experience, which leads to a more productive and efficient production altogether. With his eyes set on directing, Bryan has edited ten short films, multiple promos for HBO Max, and is currently the lead editor for a feature film. An intern at Warner Brothers Discovery during the Summer of 2022, Bryan worked as an editor for the marketing campaigns of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin & Edge of the Earth. He is set to graduate from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in May 2024 with a B.F.A. in Film and Television. Bryan is determined to use his post-production experience as a building block for his path to becoming a director for blockbuster films. 

Carolina Rial's Pity Party 
A fun music video created for a song by Carolina Rial. 


Robin Yoon is a Korean-American filmmaker from Singapore. He likes making music and cooking in his free time.

JERRY - "Shang-Chi" Official M/V 
In his sophomore music video, Asian artist JERRY explores what its like to be a struggling artist of asian descent in America. Drawing from visual cues from the likes of Akira and Oldboy, this music video is the perfect companion to his rap single: SHANG-CHI


Qi Zhao
A film director.

Children of the Light
A 90 seconds advertisement to promote the concepts of beauties, caring atmosphere and adventurous experience in SKY.

Tara Zulfikar is an Indonesian filmmaker currently pursuing her studies at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. She is a passionate storyteller with a diverse skill set, including directing, producing, and serving as an Assistant Camera (AC). Her primary focus is on capturing the essence of people, whether it be universally relatable or culturally nuanced. In her leisure time, Tara indulges in her love for culinary experiences and has recently embarked on the exciting journey of scuba diving.

Entranced, a boy seeks for a lover's attention.