The Top 25 College Dance Programs for 2018-19. NYU Tisch Dance Department #1

Friday, Aug 24, 2018

NYU Tisch Department of Dance

111 2nd Avenue

Each year, OnStage Blog takes a deep look at the many theatre programs across the country. With thousands of prospective students and families researching what makes one program a better fit than another, we feel it's important to provide as many resources as possible. 

As we've mentioned before, OnStage Blog's rankings are based on a rating system that looks at a number of different factors that should be considered when looking into these schools. In case anyone has any questions about our ranking process, we've described it here

Today, we kick off our annual rankings with programs in dance. Over the years we've seen careers in dance take off in a number of ways. Broadway is no longer the only destination. Programs are preparing dancers for a number of different types of performance settings and jobs. 

So here is our list of the best college dance programs for this year, both BFA and BA. Please note that non-degree awarding studio programs will not be included in these rankings. 

"1. NYU Tisch School of the Arts - New York, NY

As opposed to most four year programs, NYU Tisch School of the Arts offers a three year BFA program in Dance which includes a two summer curriculum. One course we like that they offer is "Production Crew in Dance", which is offered during the first year. The course is described as, "Offers working knowledge of lighting and sound equipment, stage management, crew work, programming, publicity, house management, wardrobe, multi-camera live production, and other technical requirements for dance production. All students, whether graduate or undergraduate, are required to participate each semester in production crew." Knowledge in this area is proven to be helpful when preparing for a career in dance. 

Also noteworthy is their Second Avenue Dance Company, a fantastic performance opportunity for students where they are given the chance to work with guest choreographers. 

The admission process is selective and staggering. Not only is NYU Tisch looking for talented dancers but strong students as well. A student matriculating in the Tisch School of the Arts must be admitted at two levels: as a student within a department of specialization or major, and as a student of New York University. The audition process involves two steps. First, students audition within the context of a technique class at Tisch, and if the applicant is selected, they will then proceed to the solo audition."

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