Goldie Luxe

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Goldie holds a B.A. in Music from Denison University. Following graduation, she worked in luxury fashion PR and studied garment construction and fashion design at night. While in the department, Goldie explored the social construction of celebrity and the power of dress/costume to alter perception through the persona “Goldie Luxe.” She also co-hosted the performance series “Evidence,” with Kristen Holfeuer, which showcased the art practices of students in the department. 

Goldie completed her Performance Studies M.A. in 2017.  Her M.A. final project explored luxury branding in conjunction with the “Goldie Luxe” project. At the final projects conference, she  presented the preliminary draft of a fragrance, “Nostalgia,” premiered a single pop record, “Become a Legend, Child,” and showcased her work in a glossy magazine under the name of the faux luxury brand Maison de Luxe. 

Why PS @ NYU

This department opened my eyes to so many different artistic and theoretical worlds.  It also fostered an environment for me to artistically expand. To explore. 

In my time there, I was blessed to work with so many brilliant people. The faculty, yes, but also my peers. I was constantly pushed to think more complexly, create more intentionally, and, honestly, to feel more deeply—in and out of the classroom.

PS blurs the boundaries of art and theory, and so too did the lines in my own work.  That, for me, was everything. 

Degrees Prior to PS @ NYU

  • B.A., Music (Vocal Performance), Minors in Theatre and French, Denison University
  • Certificate in Women's Wear Design, Instituto di Moda Burgo, Milan, Italy
  • Pattern Making Certificate, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY

Areas of Study & Concentration

  • Trans Studies
  • Queer Studies
  • Feminist and Post-Feminist Theory
  • Pop Studies
  • Warhol
  • Glamour Studies
  • Perfumery
  • Temporalities
  • Fashion Studies
  • Fame
  • Francophone Studies
  • Luxury & Branding

Current Employment/Projects

Since graduating, I have continued to explore and expand upon the “Luxe” persona performing in New York nightlife. My M.A. final project opened up a new door of thinking of “Goldie Luxe” as more than a celebrity persona in the quotidian, but also as a luxury lifestyle brand inhabited. Moving forward with pop/dance music I have released the single “Tribute (To My Girls)” and a two-song EP, “Perfume.” 

My first full-length album, “The Debutante,” will be released in 2019. It explores the lived experiences of my life—being transgender, my relationship with femininity and my mother, feelings of love and loss—and dresses them up in the “Goldie Luxe” persona. 

"It's an environment that I thrive in and in the end it just felt like where I belonged." - Goldie Luxe