Common Resources

Below we have listed our most common resources. Follow the left hand navigation for unique resources for academic and policies that are program specific.

Study Space Request Form - Spring 2024

Use this form to submit a request use of Room 614 or 611.  Please review the policies and procedures for the use of the space below. 

By submitting this form the student making the request is in agreement with the following terms:
- The student is currently in the PS B.A., M.A., or Ph.D. program.
- At the time of the reservation the student will arrive at the PS Front Desk, and the Office Assistant working at the time will unlock the space.

Room 614 (One Person)
- The hours this space is available is between 9-5pm, Monday - Friday, with the exception of university holidays.
- This is perfect for a student on campus that might need a quiet private space to study or take a personal zoom/phone call.

Room 611 (Small Group)
- This space can be used for small PS course related group project meetings/ study groups.

- The hours this space is available is between 9-5pm, Monday - Friday, with the exception of university holidays.

Room 612 (PS Studio)

- The studio can be booked for individual or group use to support research or course work relating to PS classwork that is occuring during the current academic term. 

- Prior to using the space the individual/group will need to recieve training on how to use the tech in the space. 

- All furniture must be restored to how the room was set up at the start of the reservation. 

- Please contact Nicole Cusick at if you are interested in booking th studio. 


NYU Student Basic Needs

A students’ “basic needs” refers to the essential components - food, health care, safe housing, etc. - that impacts a student’s well-being, sense of belonging, and ability to thrive at NYU. The Office of the Dean of Students is committed to working with university partners to support students experiencing basic needs insecurity, which includes:

  • Food Security
  • Stable Housing
  • Caregiving Resources
  • Mental Health & Wellness

Currently, we support and refer NYU students to numerous NYU-sponsored and external programs to address short term and acute basic needs insecurity. Over the coming months, our resources and content will continue to grow and expand as part of a concerted effort and commitment to address basic needs insecurity. 


Writing Center

The Writing Center is a place where any NYU student can get help with their writing. The Writing Center is part of NYU's Expository Writing Program in the College of Arts and Science. It is a place where one-on-one teaching and learning occur, as students work closely with professional consultants at every stage of the writing process and on any piece of writing except for exams. 

Learn more here


Submit your news & upcoming events!

Submit your news to PS! Use the form here!

Have you been accepted to present a paper at an academic conference? Do you have a upcoming performance or exhibition scheduled? Have you been nominated or recieved any sort of award, recognition, fellowship, grant or other distinction of celebration? Hosting or speaking at an upcoming event? We want to know!

Grant Opportunities

The Department of Performance Studies and NYU offer a variety of grant opportunities to support student work and research. Learn more about the resources available to current Performance Studies students here.

Tisch Policies

This is your guide to Tisch School of the Arts policies and procedures - matters such as academic standards, grading policies, registration regulations, degree requirements, etc.

This should be used in conjunction with the official Tisch Bulletin, where you will find specific departmental guidelines and degree requirements.

Registrar & Financial Aid

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for the integrity of academic policies, the student information system and student records from application to degree conferral.

Financial Aid - All students should apply for financial aid every year. Students who miss a financial aid priority deadline are still encouraged to file the FAFSA and will be considered for federal student aid if eligible, but funds become increasingly limited. If you have not applied, do so immediately. Remember, to meet the specified deadline your application, with all necessary signatures, must be received and validated by the processor and released to NYU by the date shown below for priority consideration.

Center for Student Life

The Mission of the Center for Student Life is to enhance the NYU experience through programs and services that create intentional student engagement. We cultivate opportunities which support new student transition, empower leadership development, and foster inclusive community building. We exist to help our students discover their purpose at NYU and beyond.

Bobst Library

The 12-story Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, designed by Philip Johnson and Richard Foster, is the flagship of a 10-library system that provides students and faculty members with access to the world’s scholarship and serves at the center of the University community’s intellectual life.

Click here to learn about the library resources available to students.