Job Postings

Position: Undergraduate Adjunct Faculty (2 positions available)

Semester: Spring 2024

Period of the Work Assignment: January 22, 2024 to May 6, 2024

Rate of Pay: In compliance with NYC’s Pay Transparency Act, the contact hour rate for this position is $206.99. This contact hour rate is based on the collective bargaining agreement with Local 2110.

Contact Hours/course: 46.2 (lecture)

Instruction Mode: In-Person

Qualifications: Matriculated Ph.D. candidates in years three and above at the Department of Performance Studies in good academic standing and previously completed an assignment as a recitation leader within the department. All external applicants must hold a Ph.D. or be an ABD Ph.D. in good academic standing who can demonstrate previous teaching experience at the undergraduate or graduate level.


1. Develop and manage syllabus materials.  In addition, the adjunct professor is responsible for selecting and compiling tests, assignments, and online discussion exercises that permit measurement of performance relative to learning objectives.

2. Facilitate Class Instruction.  The adjunct professor is responsible for teaching the assigned class following learning objectives and session plan outlines specified by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

3. Office Hours.  Meet with students during a regularly scheduled time to offer additional course assistance and discuss their progress.

4. Evaluate Student Performance. The adjunct professor will administer evaluations of student performance based on course deliverables and course rubrics.

How to Apply: To apply for an adjunct position within the Department of Performance Studies, please submit your CV, a brief statement of interest, and a 14-week syllabus via the Adjunct Application Form by Friday, October 27, 2023. All submissions will receive an email confirmation of receipt. A faculty committee selects adjuncts for undergraduate teaching positions at the Performance Studies department. Eligible students can find the job posting and additional resources on the Teaching Opportunities webpage. Direct any questions to the Director of Graduate Studies, Professor Michelle Castañeda at

Spring 2024 Adjunct Openings:

Course Number: PERF-UT 205.001

Course Name:  Performance of Everyday Life, 4 credits

Meeting Day/Time: TBD

Course Description: This course focuses in depth on “everyday” versions of performance (as opposed to theatrical or formal performances).  Drawing from anthropology, affect studies, social psychology, sociology, architecture studies, etc. the course invites students to view seemingly non-theatrical social interaction as performance, and to consider the significance of the seeming “normal” and inconsequential nature of such performances.  What happens when what is “second nature” becomes the focus of our attention?  The course will also place particular emphasis on writing as a mode of illuminating and interrogating the “everyday,” as well as considering it as performance practice in and of itself..

Course Number: PERF-UT 305.001

Course Name:  Topics in Performance Studies

Meeting Day/Time: TBD

Course Description: “Topics in Performance Studies” is a course that allows for an in-depth exploration of a particular kind of performance practice. For example, in a given iteration, the subtitle might be “Voice and Performance.” In such a course, vocal technique could be examined in the context of a larger consideration of philosophical approaches to the significance of the voice. Or, in an iteration subtitled “Ritual Dance,” the use of movement and choreography for the purposes of worship could be explored from the perspective of diverse belief systems. Students in these “Topics” courses are not expected to be proficient performers themselves of the performance styles under consideration, although some instructors may choose to make practical work an option.