Teaching Opportunities

The department will post adjunct and TA opportunites here as they arise. 

Spring 2021 Undergraduate Adjunct Faculty

(2 positions available)

Position: Undergraduate Adjunct Faculty (2 positions available)

Semester: Spring 2021

Period of the Work Assignment: January 25, 2021 to May 10, 2021

Qualifications: PhD student in good academic standing

Rate of Pay: $145.25 per hour*

*Please note that any duties associated with teaching courses are included in the contact hour rate of pay per the current Local 2110 union contract.

Adjunct Openings:

Course Number: PERF-UT 103.001
Course Name: Performance of the City
Meeting Day(s): Tuesdays
Meeting Time(s): Lecture, 9:30am-12:15pm
Course Description: A founding tenet of the Performance Studies field is the significance of
the site where performance takes place – including its metropolitan environment. This course serves to introduce students to the performance culture of a given city (whether New York or one of the other Global sites), and to the ways in which any urban environment is staged by its residents and visitors. The class will take the city itself as its “text,” exploring its history, its significant performance venues, and the public spaces where the population gathers in a collective spectacle of social relations. Readings in urban performance studies will be supplemented by class trips to performances, from the opera to skateboarding ramps to public parades.

Course Number: PERF-UT 302.001
Course Name: Queer Politics and Performance
Meeting Day(s): Thursdays
Meeting Time(s): Lecture, 9:30am-12:15pm
Course Description: This course takes sexuality as its lens through which to consider performance, and vice versa. Much of the current vitality of the concept of “performance” has come through the study of gender and sexuality -- the political impact and social legibility of performances of gender and sexuality in daily life, art practices, and elsewhere -- and this course examines and applies these theories of gender/sexuality performance to a wide range of examples. Students will read both new and canonical work in the field of gender studies with an eye toward the specific impact of performance in this work, as well as examine performance examples in order to analyze the ways gender and sexuality are produced within them.

How to Apply: If you would like to apply for an adjunct position, please send your CV, a brief statement of interest, and a 14-week syllabus for the selected course(s) to Laura Fortes (lf65@nyu.edu) by Monday, November 30, 2020. The Director of Undergraduate Studies selects graduate adjuncts for all undergraduate teaching positions. Students with no teaching experience are encouraged to apply.