Teaching Program

Department of Performance Studies Teaching Program Policy

Teaching opportunities in the Department of Performance Studies as recitation leaders and undergraduate adjunct instructors are ways to enhance the overall training and professionalization of our Ph.D. students and Ph.D. candidates. 

While these opportunities are voluntary, we believe they are important to the development of our Ph.D. students as scholars and teachers and encourage students to take advantage of them. 

We will strive to provide as many teaching opportunities as possible, while also making sure that teaching loads respect the priorities of the Corrigan: to ensure that doctoral students concentrate on their coursework, engage in their doctoral research, and complete their dissertation writing and Ph.D. defense in a timely manner.


PS Teaching Plan


Doctoral students become eligible to teach in the department after successful completion of their 1st year in the program. Prior to starting their second year in the program, they are given teaching assignments as recitation leaders for the graduate “Introduction to Performance Studies” lecture (PERF-GT 1000.001) offered in the Fall term. The following semester the same cohort of students are assigned as recitation leaders for the MA “Final Projects” Lecture (PERF-GT 2000.001). After successful completion of these assignments, they will be eligible to apply for graduate adjunct openings in the undergraduate program the following academic year, and for recitation leader positions in the BA “Introduction to PS” lecture PERF-UT 101.  

Doctoral students interested in starting their teacher training with the department must opt into the program by January 31st of their first spring semester. If a student opts out of the PS Teaching Program they will not be eligible to teach an undergraduate course until they have applied and taught a recitation section in the department (either at the MA or BA levels), or can demonstrate that they have teaching experience outside of the department. 

If a second-year Ph.D. student opts out of the PS Teaching Program, vacant “Introduction to Performance Studies” (PERF-GT 1000.001) and/or MA “Final Projects” (PERF-GT 2000.001) recitation sections will be posted and offered by application to Ph.D. students in good academic standing in years 3 and above.


Application /Selection Process for Posted Positions

Open undergraduate teaching positions are posted by the department prior to the start of each term and eligible students are encouraged to apply for these positions by using the application portal link, shared with the job postings. They will be required to submit a statement of intent, a CV, and a sample syllabus for each course they plan to apply for. They can schedule a meeting prior to the application deadline with their Dissertation Advisor or the Assistant Director of Programs about formulating their application materials. 

A call for open positions is sent out twice a year and applications are submitted during the following periods, these dates coincide with the NYU Registrar schedule to post courses and are subject to change:

  • February-March- fall teaching positions and

  • August- September- spring/summer term positions

Once all of the applications are submitted the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS) and a faculty committee will review all the submitted materials and make their selections based on the following criteria:

  1. Does the submitted application syllabus meet the course objectives for the class?

  2. Has the applicant demonstrated strong teaching abilities during their recitation leader assignment?

  3. Are the applicant’s research specialties compatible with the course content and student academic needs? 

  4. For students applying to open recitation leader positions, preference will be given to students who have not had any teaching experience while enrolled in the program.

PS Teaching Program Training & Feedback

Each year the department will offer professionalization workshops and seminars focusing on teaching and pedagogy. First-year doctoral students who have opted into the PS Teaching Program are required to attend in order to be prepared to teach recitation sections and apply for open teaching positions in the undergraduate program. 


Optional PS Teaching Program Observations Process

All Graduate Adjuncts and Recitation Leaders within the Department of Performance Studies are provided additional teaching support as they develop their pedagogy. Ph.D. candidates teaching a recitation section or undergraduate course have the option to schedule at least one class observation by a PS faculty member over the course of the semester. 

  • Observation: The observer will attend the observee's class and take notes on both the content of the class and how the observee teaches. 

  • Post-observation meeting: Ph.D. Candidates may request an optional post-observation meeting. This meeting, which should be held within two weeks of the observed class, will allow the observer and observee to talk together about what worked in the class session and what did not. The focus of this conversation should be feedback and reflection. 

  • Observation Form: The final observation feedback form will be shared at the end of the semester after the Chair and DUGS have reviewed it.  

Additional Resources

All teaching positions are covered by the collective bargaining unit Local 2110 and the pay rate is set by the union contract. Please visit the UAW’s website to review a copy of the contract and to get additional information. 

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers a teacher certificate program each year open to Ph.D. students. The program is designed to help students develop a reflective teaching practice, improve teaching effectiveness and prepare for teaching careers in higher education.