PS M.A. Alum Meron Langsner's play published in Next Stage Press

Thursday, Jan 12, 2023

Burning Up the Dictionary

Burning Up the Dictionary

Performance Studies Alumni Meron Langsner's (M.A. '00) play Burning Up the Dictionary has been published in an acting edition by Next Stage Press.

A story of Language, Love, Lust, and Loss. Burning up the Dictionary journeys into the tenaciously crumbling relationship of two people who love and need each other but can’t find any room for trust.   The play tracks the dissolution of a relationship through anachronologically distributed scenes.  The couple in the play have come to speak their own language; every word they say to each other is layered with multiple meanings, and we learn the definitions of words as we progress through the play. The play explores the personal language of every relationship and how a common language that once kept people extremely close can also wound and drive them further apart.

You can find the play on Next Stage Press's website using the link below!