Screen Share: Access & Collaboration in the Video Archive

Screen Share: Access & Collaboration in the Video Archive

For over thirty years Women & Performance Journal has brought together, through scholarship and public programming, collective get-togethers and academic conferences, artists, writers, and those dedicated to contributing to performance and our understanding of it. Being together has been altered in this present moment, becoming simultaneously intimate and distant, as we reach out and connect through nested rectangles that frame that pathway between digital and material life. We miss you just as we miss us. The programming for our upcoming digital mixer brings together video work by troizel. and Isa Hui Saldaña, Jeneen Frei Njootli, Elliot Reed, and Anh Vo, artists with past and present connections to the journal. These artists are opening up their archives and in doing so, they are creating waves of collaborations that we hope will ripple outwards. While on the surface, the mixer is presenting four artists, an extended glance reveals something different. Each artist is in collaboration with a talented young arts writer who is commissioned to create video description to accompany their work and expand access, propelling the work into the future we envision and hope to help foster. In the spring we plan to extend these questions of community and access outward as we program a second mixer focused on international collaborations.

Webinar Date and Time:

November 19, 2020 @ 7pm 


Virtual Gallery Dates:

November 16-22


Artist Video Titles:

Internal Recreation by Elliot Reed

bath // time by troizel. and Isa Hui Saldaña

Being Skidoo by Jeneen Frei Njootli

Non-Binary Pussy by Anh Vo


Video Description by:

Kristel Baldoz

Bre Dioni

Kristen Kelso

Lukas Takeru Woodyard