2020-21 Events

Performance Practice with/in/during the Pandemic w/ Eleonora Fabiao and Eva Reyes

Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 6:00-7:00pm EST

For Tisch's Week of Community, the Departments of Performance Studies and Art & Public Policy are gathering artists to discuss how they are creating, performing, and enacting during this pandemic. Is solo work the foreseeable future of performance? How might one work within and beyond the solo form? What other possibilities might exist? Speakers who work across genres from theater, performance art, dance, and drag will discuss their respective practices today; and we hope to have a larger conversation together about the future of performance!

Speakers will be PS Alum Eleonora Fabiao and Eva Reyes; APP alum Kristel Baldoz; and MCC PhD student Harris Kornstein.


An Artist Talk by Chiron Armand (M.A. '12)

Mad Clot on a Holy Bone: A Conversation between Asher Hartman and Chiron Armand

WHEN: Monday, October 26, 2020, 7:00pm EDT

As an artist, Asher Hartman has created theatrical performances that are spiritual phantasmagorias of psychic pain and the body’s many pleasures. On the occasion of the publication of his first book, Mad Clot on a Holy Bone: Memories of a Psychic Theater (X Artists' Books), which features three of his plays, essays on his work, and an interview, Hartman will be joined in conversation with shamanic practitioner and performance artist Chiron Armand, a graduate of the NYU Performance Studies’s MA programTogether, Hartman and Armand will discuss how their work straddles the material and immaterial worlds, asking about the political dimensions of their practice, embodiment, queer practices, and — specific to the conditions of today — how their ongoing experience with intuitive practice speaks to the possibilities in virtual spaces of engagement.

Organized by Tim Reid, MA '20, Ph.D. Candidate

1-855-GAY-DIVO: Leaving Messages for The Gay Divorcees with Lauren Berlant, Elizabeth Freeman, Jules Gill-Peterson, Tavia Nyong'o, Ann Pellegrini, and The Gay Divorcees

February 25, 2021

The Gay Divorcees is a band of real-life queer divorcees, led by composer Ethan Philbrick, who have come together during a pandemic to write songs about getting into and out of state-sanctioned intimacy in the 21st century.

For the weeks surrounding Valentine's Day 2021, The Gay Divorcees have been streaming an album of songs over the toll-free number 1-855-GAY-DIVO. This event marks the final days of their telephonic performance by assembling a panel of queer theorists -- Lauren BerlantElizabeth FreemanJules Gill-PetersonTavia Nyong'o, and Ann Pellegrini -- to respond to the project in the form of critical interludes.

The Gay Divorcees are Robbie AcklenLauren BakstLauren DenitzioPaul LegaultEthan PhilbrickIta SegevJulia SteinmetzJoshua Thomas Lieberman, and Ashton Young. For more information about the performance, visit www.divorcee.gay.

This event was organized by Ethan Philbrick and Julia Steinmetz, both PS Ph.D. alumni!