ITP Alum at Chesterfield Gallery

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Empire State Building with red, white and blue lights taken from up above

Evan Joseph

ITP Alumnus Evan Joseph show's his photography work.



109 Norfolk Street, New York NY 10002


Evan Joseph 
From Above

May 20-June 17, 2017

Chesterfield Gallery is pleased to present From Above, Evan Joseph’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. From Above assembles thirteen distinctive New York City landscapes and cityscapes shot from a helicopter and the rooftops of skyscrapers. 

Joseph’s work often reflects his idealized conception of New York City and its projection to the rest of the world. Considered to be one of New York’s leading architectural photographers, in these more personal images at Chesterfield, Joseph shows how the built environment can serve as raw material for his more abstract and geometric ideas.