2 ITPers at NYVR Expo 2017

Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017

grid with NYVR Expo information


NYVR Expo will feature the very latest in VR/AR technology from numerous manufacturers, suppliers, and VR/AR applications including Facebook 360, Blend Media, VIU.Space, Vuze Camera (Human Eyes Technology), Ricoh Theta, Ovation, Cognitive VR, Kodak PIX Pro, GRAVR, ASA Digital and Visbit, to name a few.  They  will also be offering close to 50 seminars throughout the three days of the conference, which will touch on a broad range of VR and AR topics. The NYVR Expo will be collocated with PhotoPlus Conference + Expo, the largest conference and expo for photography and video in North America, and all NYVR attendees will have access to the PhotoPlus show floor.


Additional information about the Projects:   

WAVR: Sean Kim (NYU ITP)   

Exploring the power of our minds through VR! WAVR is a mixed reality experience, in which neuro-controlled VR technology uses biosensors to monitor increases in alpha waves. The brainwave data triggers commands on the VR application to manipulate the virtual and physical environment (sight, sounds, smells, etc).   

M3ditate: Kyle Greenberg (NYU ITP Alum)

Multi User Virtual Reality Plugin that encourages users to interact in immersive worlds.