InfluxData Presents: Lonely Heart's Club

Headshot of Noah Crowley

InfluxData presents: Lonely Heart's Club 

Join Noah Crowley, ITP alum and Developer Advocate at InfluxData, for a workshop on "time series": collections of data points with associated timestamps, which model change from one moment in time to the next. Common uses include readings from IoT sensors or application performance metrics from web applications. 

InfluxData is a SF startup that builds an open source platform to collect, store, process, and visualize time series data. Their tools are used across industries by clients such as Nordstrom, Cisco, eBay, and IBM. And they're hiring! 

Noah will present a brief introduction to time series data and its use cases, and then attendees will use pulse sensors to capture their heartbeats and send them to the cloud. To participate you'll need a laptop with a USB port; we'll have 12 sensors available for attendees, and encourage working in pairs so more people can participate.