Outrage Machine

Map of the location for the Outrage Machine

Cecil the lion. The red Starbucks cup. Donald Trump. It seems like every day there’s a new outrageous story on the web. Is Internet outrage the new normal?

Outrage Machine is an internship course at ITP, in collaboration with Viacom and NYC Media Lab, aimed at interrogating social outrage using screen-based interactive design and storytelling.

Join us at the Viacom billboard at 1515 Broadway at 44th street in Times Square on Friday, January 29th, from 11am to 3pm, as the class takes their work into the public forum for a super size user test on tourists, passersby, and, hopefully, you. You’ve heard of the ever popular kiss-cam, right? Outrage Machine offers a different kind of mirror -  one for showing us who we really are, and what our collective outrage does when it goes, unchecked, out into the world. No need to RSVP for the Jan.29th showing, we’ll just see you there!

After you experience the projects in Times Square join us the following week on Friday, February 5th at 12:30pm for the story behind the stories. Register here. Hear from students about the journey from inspiration, to prototype, to getting their projects debuted on the big screen. You’ll get a sense of how these teams took Internet outrage-stoking topics and transformed them into opportunities for social criticism, reflection, and action. And snacks. You’ll also get snacks.

These are the topics and the teams who will present:


Police Brutality

  • Tanya Campbell

  • Danielle Butler

  • Ian Gibson


Internet Outrage

  • Abhishek Singh

  • AJ LeVine

  • Rebecca Lieberman



  • Rebecca Ricks

  • Zoe Bachman

  • Katie Temrowski



  • Marc Abbey

  • Joseph Mango

  • David Cihelna


Body Image

  • Maya Moosh

  • Stream Gao

  • Luke Kao



  • Sam Lavigne