Spring 2021 Non-Major Registration

Dear student:

Due to the late breaking nature of the ITP curriculum, we schedule our classes a bit later than the rest of the University, so our timeline for non-major registration is also a bit off-cycle. Registration for ITP courses is via the Exchange site. Keep in mind, we're not yet updated for Spring 2021, so please check back in a few weeks to see where we are with advertising our courses via Exchange.

A few notes: ITP registration is highly competitive - many classes will close out completely with ITP students. ITP registration happens after the registration period opens on Dec. 7th via an internal Lottery. Please be patient with this process. After ITP registration is finalized, we will know if we are able to offer class sections to outside populations via Exchange. Our advice would be to proceed with a full schedule of classes without ITP classes for now, and if you are offered a seat in an ITP class via Exchange (likely sometime in mid-to-late December) you will have an opportunity to clear your schedule for the class at that time.

I hope this information is helpful. Again, we are still working to finalize the Spring 2021 classes, so I would check back on Exchange for updates in about a week or so.

Thanks again for your patience during this time - it is appreciated. Be well!

For any questions, please email dante.delgiacco@nyu.edu.