Filmmakers T - Y


  • Pedro Tamames

    Pedro Tamames, UG


    Pedro is a New York based director and actor from Madrid, recently graduated in Film and Television at New York University. His films have been screened at festivals in both Spain and the USA.



  • Derrick Woodyard

    Derrick Woodyard, Grad

    Love Taps

    African American filmmaker and visual artist, Derrick Woodyard currently is an MFA candidate at NYU Tisch School of the Arts with a focus in Directing and Writing. His commitment to finding truth in his narratives leads him to explore the nuances of his characters through their desires, inner conflicts, and personal relationships. This search for truth is influenced by his lived experiences from which he takes inspiration.



  • Lijie Xie

    Lijie Xie, UG


    Lijie Xie is a writer-director from Chongqing, China. He enjoys filmmaking as a process of investigation and communication. Lijie’s work explores his interest in the conversation between self-identity and cultural connection.

  • Johanna Xue

    Johanna Xue, UG

    Little Rabbit

    Johanna Xue is a Chinese-Hungarian storyboard artist and animator based in New York City. Born in Hungary to Chinese immigrant parents and growing up following them around their workplaces from restaurant kitchens to small-town family shops, she became more and more invested in the lives of families and the stories of childhood.



  • Jett Yamada

    Jett Yamada, UG


    Jett Yamada is a writer and director from San Jose, California. He is a 2022 graduate of New York University with a BFA in Film and Television and a minor in Business. He enjoys creating dramatic, interpersonal short films, as well as music videos.

  • Haruka Yamakawa

    Haruka Yamakawa, UG

    Red Lingerie

    Haruka is a filmmaker who focuses on conveying stories with precision and sensitivity. Her experiences as an Asian female storyteller has pushed her to always seek the truth and depict the human state in its most vulnerable and at times disoriented way. It is her aim to continue to tell such stories that need to be told.