Heading South

Heading South

Heading South

Directed by Yuan Yuan Zhang

Type of Project: Drama
Length: 12:59
Producers: Yuan Yuan Zhang, Meng Fei, Eris Qian, Qiying Lin
Editor: Yuan Yuan Zhang
Cinematographers: Mingjue Hu, Joewi Verhoeven
Sound Design: Kun Chen  

8 years old girl Chasuna visits her father in the big city and meets an unwelcome addition to the family.

Yuan Yuan Zhang
Yuan Yuan Zhang


Yuan Yuan Zhang was born and raised in China. She is a MFA candidate of NYU Tisch in writing and directing.

After graduating from Shanghai Theatre Academy with a BA in directing, she began working in script development for Oscar-winning producer Bill Kong (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Lust, Caution, and Mulan).

In 2017, her short film EXCHANGE is official selected by Palm Springs International Festival and NFMLA, also won ‘Best Real Image’ in Fantasy Film Festival. In 2019, Yuan Yuan Zhang won the Nikon Storyteller scholarship 2019 in North America.