The Feminine Mystique in UGFTV Professor Neogy’s Blood Words

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

UGFTV Professor Chitra Neogy
UGFTV Professor Chitra Neogy

The Feminine Mystique is alive in Professor Neogy’s Blood Words A Warrior’s Walk. She walks in flames of pain and birth. She is the phoenix that rises from her own ashes.

The audiobook of professor Chitra Neogy’s recently published epic novel Blood Words A Warrior’s Walk (IPMG) is soon to be released online.

Neogy and her production company Wolf Woman Productions have produced an 8-minute vignette leading towards the coming feature film (to be in pre-production late 2018 and early 2019) based on her novel.


Some words about Blood Words the book:

“A beautifully written book that transcends time and space. You become part of a woman's journey, experiencing pain and anger, love and compassion as she struggles against the Philistine and bourgeois forces in society. Her light shines brightly throughout this inspirational work.” –– Andrea

“This was the first book I had ever EXPERIENCED. It was as if I had been reading every book before this one in a different language, and this was finally something I could understand. Blood Words saved me. Before reading this book I was deeply lost, and drowning in my own loneliness and sorrow. But after living through Chitra’s words and universe, I have been found. If you’re wondering if you should get this book, I urge you to receive this gift. Blood words is a revelation of light, that cuts through all mediocrity.” –– Rachel Berman

Blood Words is the walk of a woman warrior crossing boundaries on the journey of relentless self-discovery, self exploration, and self-transformation. She leaves her original culture to walk into the duende of the West, in search of her creative manifestation. She is the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis. She is the snake that leaves her skin in the desert of the wasteland. She is the lotus flower, breathing and growing untainted. She is the woman of all women, and she carries a hundred women within her.