Internship Sponsor Responsibilities

As an NYU Tisch Film & Television Internship Sponsor, you are required to:

1. Provide a supportive learning environment for your student intern.

Academic internships should be learning opportunities first and foremost. Companies that do not adhere to our internship guidelines will not be allowed to post their opportunities with us.

2. Discuss your intern's objectives and outline your intern's responsibilities in the Agreement Packet.

You need to sit down with your intern during their first week of work and complete the packet together. Please have your intern return the packet to the Internship Office. You may download an Agreement Packet from this page.

3. Make adjustments to the intern's work schedule to allow the student to attend two mandatory internship meetings at Tisch.

To receive credit for their internship, all students must attend two class meetings. The first meeting is held at the beginning of the semester, and the second meeting is held closer to the mid-point of the semester. Please ask your intern for precise dates.

4. Ensure that your intern is achieving the learning objectives and performing the tasks detailed in the Agreement Packet.

Check in with your intern periodically to assess your intern's progress in achieving his or her objectives. You may need to redefine your intern's responsibilities so that they reach their goals for the semester.

5. Provide a mid-term and final evaluation of the student via the Supervisor's Evaluation.

These evaluations will be sent to you in a timely manner by the Internship Coordinator. Please complete the evaluation and return it to the Internship Office. This evaluation is confidential, and will not be shown to the student without your consent. You may find it helpful to use this evaluation as a discussion point during an exit interview.

Don’t forget to update your internship listing prior to each semester that you would like an intern.

For more information, email